10 Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

My daughter just started school this year, so i am only learning how difficult it can be to come up with a healthy and varied lunchbox. I thought i was doing well until i sat down to write this, and while there are patterns in my lunchboxes, i have some tips to keep the kids interested and enjoying their fare.

  1. There are more spreads than butter:
    To date, i have used cream cheese, avocado, tahini, coconut oil, and any fruit or vege that you can smoosh. I’ve used honey with all of these things, as well as sesame seeds, dessicated coconuts, and slices of fruit. Some of the more “out there” and popular arrangements have been honey and coconut oil, smashed pumpkin and sesame seeds, and cream cheese with smashed raspberries.
  2. There are more grains than bread:
    Although i use bread a lot, i try to buy different types, and i add variety using the methods above. I also use wraps, different pizza bases, and crackers of varied sorts.
  3. Use spices – especially in balls, muffins, and mini quiches. Because i make nut-free balls almost every week, i change up the spices i use. Somethimes i use cacao, other times cinnamon, vanilla, or a splash of ginger. I have also used orange zest but you can only put a tiny bit in before the kids gag (mine, anyway!).
  4. Use actual food whenever possible – buy seasonally. Although both kids have had kiwi fruit and mandarin on a daily basis lately, that is because they’re in season. As the seasons roll around, so do our fruit and vege choices (although there is ALWAYS carrot!). This ensures that the food tastes good too.

Here are some of the lunchboxes i have packed to date.

a pear for recess, celery sticks, gluten free muesli clusters, a mandarin, cream cheese and avocado sandwich, date and seed balls with cacao, and a lunchbox friendly whole food bar.

Carrots and hommus, kiwi and apple slices, vege chips, another nut free ball (this time with vanilla), and a popcorn bar (definitely a treat in our house).

Corn and pumpkin, celery and cucumber sticks, vege “pizza”, and egg muffins with banana and cinnamon

A mandarin, a boiled egg, kiwi fruit, tahini and honey sandwich, tomato slices and a lunchbox friendly whole food bar

Carrots with cream cheese dip, rice crackers, blueberry and banana pancakes, grapes, and a cream cheese and raspberry wrap

Carrots with hummus, a Kez’s kitchen whole food bar and two seed and date balls made with vanilla and cacao, a cream cheese and Vegemite sandwich, peas and broccoli

Cherry tomatoes and carrot sticks, two seed and date balls, oat porridge “cookies”, butter and vegemite sandwich, peaches and grapes

Carrots and tomato, sesame and ginger balls, grapes, vege pizza, and a raspberry and coconut oil wrap

Tomato and pumpkin, capsicum and grapes, pineapple, and Kezs Kitchen bar and a ball made with sesame and ginger, and a pumpkin and cream cheese wrap.

A Mandarin, a boiled egg, a whole food bar, avocado and lemon sandwich, apple and strawberries

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