10 Healthy Lunchbox Ideas

It’s been a while since we shared Healthy Lunchbox ideas, so here we go again!

It’s mid-year, so most of us are feeling the fatigue of coming up with attractive, healthy lunchboxes that our children will actually eat! For optimum nutrition, our kids should be getting 2 serves of fruit, and 5 serves of veggies per day. In our home we consume protein at breakfast, dinner, and in the firm of nuts as snacks.

Lunchbox 1)

Veggie Stir Fry, honey and coconut oil wrap, carrots, and apple!

Lunchbox 2)

Tomato pasta bake, grapes, cucumber, carrots, a mandarin, and home made sesame snaps (literally honey, simmered until caramelised then stir through truckloads of sesame seeds, and set in the fridge)

Lunchbox 3)

Fried rice, cucumbers, chocolate bliss ball, chocolate coconut chips, blueberries, and a mandarin.

Lunchbox 4)

Sourdough pea hummus and cheese toasty, carrots and cucumber, corn, two bliss balls and choc-covered chickpeas from the Happy Snack Company. They’re sold at Woolworths, in the macro/health food section.

Lunchbox 5)

My kids have a favourite salad. It’s grated carrot, beetroot, and cabbage with hemp seeds and a splash of apple cider vinegar and olive oil. They’ve got this and cottage cheese on their Gluten Free wraps, carrots, corn, and black grapes.

Lunchbox 6)

It’s a sandwich! Just a plain old cheese toasty, carrots, chocolate coconut chips. and an apple. Inca berries in the middle for fruit break.

Lunchbox 7)

Roast potatoes with black beans and cheese, carrots, black grapes, and green apples!

Lunchbox 8)

Nachos! Purple carrot, apple, and a mandy! Not pictured is a seedy muesli bar, made by blending up 1/2C of 4 different seeds, 1/4C orange rind, 1C dates, 1/2C cranberries, 1/4C coconut oil, and setting in the fridge.

Lunchbox 9)

Tuna pasta, cucumber, yellow carrot and capsicum, black bean brownie, and a boiled egg.

Lunchbox 10)

GF Potato bread from Paddy the Baker with pea hummus (just regular hummus recipe with 1C green peas added) and cheese, apple, purple carrot, snow peas, and a bliss ball!

We have a nut-free, delicious hemp protein powder that goes brilliantly in the bliss balls. Click here to purchase and pick up in the gym!

Make them by blending 1C Oats, 1C dates, 1T Hemp Protein Powder, 1/2C sunflower seeds, then roll in coconut or cocoa powder!

You can get started on your whole food nutrition journey with Jade by booking here, or do the whole Nude Food, 8 week restart here!


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