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At IntoYou, our mission is to motivate you on your life’s journey by sharing our knowledge, creating opportunities, celebrating your achievements, and working towards balance and happiness

About IntoYou

At IntoYou, we are committed to provide the most effective session possible for your needs, time parameters, and goals. We work closely with your health professional, whether it be your physio, doctor, chiro, or naturopath, to ensure the program is as safe as possible whilst creating the best results possible. We firmly believe, particularly with mums, that deep core “safe” does not have to equal EASY. Conversely, we can deliver high intensity training without ignoring your sore lower back or other physiological issues!

Our Mission is to motivate you on your life’s journey, by sharing our knowledge, creating opportunity, celebrating your achievements, and working towards balance and happiness.

Use the booking tool on the right to enjoy our 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like our training after your first session! If you do decide to join, you will get our sample pack for FREE, which includes a 1hr massage, 1hr styling session, and 1hr nutrition consult to get you started on the right foot!

  • Highly individualised sessions

    The trainers at IntoYou will work closely with your doctor, physio, or other healthcare professional, to ensure each and every exercise is exactly what you need to live a full, healthy, and pain free life.

    No two programs are the same, every exercise will be selected just for you! Discover our sessions and membership plans

  • Team of elite trainers

    Clare is an ex-Australian Sailing Team athlete, and heads a team of tertiary educated trainers that utilise training techniques that are usually only applied to professional sportspeople. In this way, you will get maximum “bang for your buck” – excellent results in a very short timeframe. Meet her team!

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Our Stories & Adventures

Meet The Trainers

Madelaine Pitkanen

Madelaine Pitkanen

Maddie specialises in fitness, massage, emotional balancing, Myotherapy.

As a successful Personal Trainer and Myotherapist, Madelaine assists people to tap into their mental, physical, and emotional potential.

By following her passion, Maddie began her Personal Training journey in 2009. "Health and fitness to me is about having fun, results, balance and gaining energy" She understands clients barriers and pushes them to their potential to ensure they experience peace, love, happiness and health in their life.

"I am passionate about making a difference, creating and leading the future and moving the health and fitness industry in a positive direction".

Charlotte May

Charlotte May

Charlie was a client, then an intern, and now a trainer!

Charlie had great success with the IntoYou training system as a client. She lost weight, toned up, and had a lot of fun with her friends in the process! When a life changing situation opened an opportunity for her to re certify in a new career, she chose Personal Training with Clare as her mentor. Charlie has since gone on to complete the IntoYou internship, where she learned to practise her craft a level above regular PT’s. Charlie also created our "How to be Satisfied With Your Body" series of courses for Personal Trainers, and is our Styling & Self Esteem Session Coach. Charlie is the trainer for you if you want variety, empathy, and a whole lot of laughs!

Clare Hozack

Clare Hozack

Chose Clare if you are looking for a competitive edge, or have a specific physiological health concern that needs specialised and experienced care.

Clare is the Burrell Education representative in Australia and New Zealand, teaching other trainers about modern pregnancy and post natal exercise methods. She is also the only Power Plate Master Trainer in NSW.

Clare lives by Mark Twain: “Twenty years from now, you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Jade Flaherty

Jade Flaherty

Jade’s favorite quote is ‘’The Greatest barrier to Success is the Fear of Failure.’’ Jade is our Nutrition Coach and specialises in weight training and fat loss!

Jade is our Nutrition Coach has been in the Fitness Industry for over 10yrs as a Personal Trainer & Gym Instructor.

She was influenced to get into health and fitness at a young age by her parents. She has completed Certificate 1, 2, 3 & 4 in Fitness. Jade’s speciality is Fat Loss, but she is qualified to train for Muscle Mass, Pregnancy, and Post Natal Functional Exercise as well.

In her spare time, she likes to surf, box and play tennis, anything active.

Chris James

Chris James

Chris literally makes IntoYou possible, and not just because he built the place!

Chris is a mountain bike instructor, white water rescue instructor, raft guide, Clare‘s husband, and IntoYou handiman. Chris fixes whatever we break; he also leads some of our group activities, and participates in others. Chris is dad when Clare is taking us on oversea’s adventures. You may not see much of him, but he is present in everything we do at IntoYou!

Kylie Bennett-Bremner

Kylie Bennett-Bremner

Kylie is Our Newest and Most Excited Trainer!

Kylie is a Mum of two energetic boys who can‘t keep still, and knows the importance and joy of being able to keep up with your kids! She works hard to add adventures to both hers, her clients, and her kid’s day; with the Northern Beaches as our backyard she explores the outdoors a lot! She‘s got 3 solid years experience as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, and has worked within the internal structure of the fitness industry for 4 years. Kylie has had the opportunity to see what fitness can do for people in an incredibly positive way. She’s coming to IntoYou as an Intern and bringing with her boxing skills and making fitness fun! With Kylie you’ll get an empathetic and positive trainer who loves to see you push past what barriers you put up to reveal your true potential. You are important so make the time for yourself and invest in your own fitness well being!

What they have to Say

Lisa Darmanin

I have been training with Clare since September 2007, when I qualified for the Australian Youth Squad in Sailing. Yachting NSW referred us to Clare to get a program to prevent future injuries as a result of all the training we were about to embark on.

Lisa DarmaninRead the full story here

The trainers are AWESOME, it’s only 30 minutes so its PERFECT, you can do a group or one on one and get worked hard in a great FRIENDLY atmosphere, and I can’t believe how much they fit into 30 minutes.

SueRead the full story here