Make One Change September 2018

September’s change was to buy biodegradable bin liners. Since many supermarkets are choosing to ban single-use plastic bags, it seemed like a good opportunity to reduce household plastic generally! It took some hunting, but there are some great, viable, alternatives out there! Make sure you read the packet so that you understand if something is […]

Make One Change August 2018

August’s Change was to take the one thing that you eat the most off the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen list, and buy it organically from now on. We went on to learn why, gathered further resources, and finished the month with the Clean Fifteen list and some recipes to eat more from this list! […]

Be the change that you wish to see in the world. ― Mahatma Gandhi

We can do better. Better for our physical, emotional, mental health, better for our kids, and we can certainly do better by our planet. One Change a Month, every month, towards the goal of reducing our impact on the environment and improving our, and our children’s, health!

Choose a month, either a current one or one from the past, and read the information about this particular change. Spend the whole month turning this change in to a new habit, then move on to the next month! See left hand column.

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Why Getting Inverted is Good For You

Our October Challenge was to get Inverted 1 min a day, and post proof to social media. However, it did not matter how you got inverted, only that you did! I am sure that many of you thought that lying down with your feet up a wall was the “easy” way out, but there are […]

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