“Thanks Clare for giving me the push that I needed to start the challenge . I’ve had great fun shopping for my new wardrobe!”

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“I am now at my pre baby weight but I am aiming to shed another 5kgs with the help of the girls! I would recommend IntoYou to anyone but especially busy Mums, it’s a great release and a bit of a break at the same time. “

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Until his recent Muscle and Movement Screen, Matt did not realise exactly how much he had achieved, but we did! We asked him for a photo of his pre-married days, then popped it side by side with his health screen photo. Low and behold, the difference is astounding!

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The best project you’ll ever work on is YOU!


Our mission is to deliver the best session in the shortest time possible, in a fun, functional, and comfortable environment. Each and every exercise is specially chosen for your needs, goals, and preference, which means you’ll get the same results in 30 minutes as 3 x 1hr sessions in the gym on your own*.

  • 45min Group sessions on Saturdays, for men and women, pelvic floor, hernia, back-pain and abdominal scar safe… but NOT EASY!!
  • FREE Positive Change Program with Make One Change, and FREE Monthly Challenges that you can do at home for REAL prizes!
  • Specialised 30 minute sessions: whether you’re training to keep up with your kids, or for a marathon, 30 minutes is enough to target the essentials of your training program.
  • Styling + Personal Training: match your new body with a new look to help you accept that you really do look and feel fabulous!
  • Massage + Personal Training: lengthen what’s tight as you strengthen what’s weak for a killer-combo that will have strong and supple in no time!
  • Sample Pack: try everything except the kitchen sink! This package includes 1hr massage, 1hr nutrition consult, 1hr styling, our Restore Your Core eBook, all 6 Restore Your Core workouts, and a free one on one and IntoMum session (limit 1 per person).
  • Nutrition Coaching: Jade is our Nutrition Coach and will guide you step by step to better eating and living habits. Our coaching course includes personalised plans, thorough education, and 8 weeks of accountability to Jade. No supplements, no product pitches, just whole and healthy food engineered for your metabolic type and lifestyle.
  • 60 Days to Healthy Living Challenge: 30 days of accelerated fat loss, followed by 30 days of developing new eating habits. Results guaranteed and a $100 cashback on your success!
  • Injury rehabilitation: we work with your GP, physio, or chiro to ensure that our program is exactly what you need to get better sooner!
  • Disability training: we focus on what you CAN do and improve strength and balance outcomes for any disability.
  • Buddy PT: share a session with your friend at no extra cost.

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*Our training system is based on numerous studies, particularly:

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