Meet The 2017 Hike Nepal Team: Tracey Sharma

Tracey has been watching our overseas adventures for a few years now, but it was after the Intoyou team went to Nepal’s Annapurna last year that she really felt like she was missing our!  So when the opportunity came up to go to Everest Base Camp this year,  she just had to go! Everest is something she has dreamed and read of as a little girl. She’s looking forward to soaking in the spirituality of Nepal and of course the adventure in getting to the top with a group of like minded people. In her excitement, she even managed to inspire two friends to join her, Michele and Katherine; equally as inspiring in their own right, they’ll make quite an addition to our team! For Tracey, the opportunity came at the perfect time, and she believes in grabbing opportunities such as these with both hands!

Tracey has a life mantra that she applies to all areas of her life; “one step at a time”. This is mantra will be especially relevant on the never-ending mountains of Nepal.  Despite the fact that some mountains will never end, and her mantra will be tested, Tracey plans to maintain a “never give up” attitude; which will hopefully rub off on the others if they’re struggling. She’ll encourage them to follow her “one step at a time” .

She is so excited to be participating in the trek, and it is important that she completes it – and not let anything get in the way. For her, her main challenges will be the altitude and the cold, but where it’s in her power she won’t let it get the better of her. In addition, she’s looking forward to making a memorable journey of the Nepalese scenery, spirituality and to see what all these books where talking about!

Tracey finds that most of her adventures come to her. She’s has completed the coast to coast in England. So she’s exciting to see what comes to her next!

Welcome to the fold Tracey!

Clare and Tracey in the 2016 Tough Mudder Event

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