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Great course, lots of valuable information that I as a trainer have started to use already. So transferable, using this on my athlete clients as well as post pregnancy!

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Jenni Davies

I saw JC again today – she has made massive progress even though she has barely done her isolated work – hoorahh for you and the programme up there.  

Jenni DaviesWomen’s Health Physio from AushealthRead the whole story here
Louise Henderson

Two recent clients have achieved above average improvement in pelvic floor strength and reduced bother of prolapse symptoms by participation in the program alongside their individually prescribed pelvic floor exercises at home

Louise HendersonWomen’s Health Physio from Total PhysiotherapyRead all of Louise’s feedback here

Try to learn something about everything and everything about something

Thomas Huxley

We offer specialised education programs for trainers! We aim to fill the gap between the science and practical application of training. Live and online! Enquire now about bespoke in-house training, with 5 or more participants. Use the code: becb17 on checkout when you book 2 or more LIVE courses (it won’t work on single courses)!

  • 6 Step Restore Your Core and Pelvic Floor Program: how to progress your post natal client from kegals to bootcamp. 6 CECs, FITREC Level B
    Online only.
  • Burrell Education’s Modern Post Natal Assessment and Exercise Prescription: an advanced course on modern exercise prescription for core restore. 8 CECs, FITREC Level B
    Auckland 17th September (city).
    Melbourne 8th October (city).
    Sydney 4th March 2018
    Perth 3rd June 2018
  • Burrell Education’s Modern Pregnancy Functional Exercise Prescription: an advanced certification on modern training techniques during pregnancy. 10 CECs, FITREC Level B
    Auckland 16th September (city).
    Melbourne 7th October (city).
    Sydney 3rd March 2018
    Perth 2nd June 2018
  • Burrell Education’s Power Plate for the Post Natal Client: blend modern Post Natal training techniques with the unique training environment that Power Plate provides for quicker and more automatic muscular responses, FITREC Level B
  • IntoYou Internship: get real-life experience in PT studio management, which will give you the tools to run your own successful studio, and avoid the most common business mistakes that PT’s make. Includes education, and worth a whopping 24 CECs!
  • Business Coaching: single sessions, 6 session, and 12 session coaching programs designed to define and execute your goals, passions, and income requirements, then plan to achieve the best work/life balance, living your passion and achieving your financial goals!!
  • Power Plate Trainer Academy: LIVE one day course, scheduled on request. Contact
  • Power Plate Movement Preparation and Recovery: 3 hour workshop to enhance the results of your current training methods.
  • COMING SOON! How To Be Satisfied With Your Body: Professional Styling that will make the most of what you’ve got.
  • Quality mentors for the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers.

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