Business Mums: Sandra Fowler

Sandra is a Bra Fit Specialist with Intimo Lingerie. Before that, Sandra has trained with Clare at each of her four locations around the Northern Beaches, off and on since 2005!! She joined the Intimo Team in September 2009. Sandra choose Intimo for a few reasons; ” I LOVED their pretty bra’s, it had been 2 babies & […]

Business Mums: Alison Frendin Ameo Oils & Real Fitness For Mums

Introducing Ali, Personal trainer, mum of two, eBook author, and Ameo essential oils educator! Ali has been a personal trainer for 10yrs, became a mum 6years ago, and got involved with essential oils 2yrs ago. She discovered essential oils because she had an unwell baby, and after trying everything to help, discovered that rubbing orange oil […]

Business Mums: Charlotte Downey Stylist

Charlie is one of the IntoYou trainers, but was born and raised in London. She moved here 10 years ago as a Stylist, and became a Personal Trainer last year. Charlie had worked in fashion back in England and was always interested in it.  When she moved here 10 years ago she needed a business […]

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them. — Chris Grosser

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