First Hike, Narrabeen Lake

We did Narrabeen Lake as our first hike today. It was supposed to be “easy”; although we knew it was long, it should have been mostly flat.

The round trip trck was meant to be completed Dec 2014… it wasn’t.

This meant we had hills, and lots of them, as we made our way around Cromer Golf Course. Add to this the fact that noone has really started hiking, and the fact it’s 30 degrees, and you have yourself a really tough hike instead.

Credit to everyone, becase it was so hot, all our feet hurt (in fact, i did about 6km barefoot!), and low blood pressure was a bit of an issue.

However we saw black swans, stink funghi, and the beautiful sunshine on the beautiful lake, which made up for our achy feet and bones!

This week our homework is 4 x 30-60min hikes, and one gym session. Everyone has a pin code so we expect to see them training furiously!

Next week we will hike Manly Dam, which is a bit shorter.

Our charity this year is Seven Women ( Seven Women is run by a Melbourne woman, who trains Nepalese women in specific skills, them employs them, then retreats from the business, leaving it up to them. It’s such an empowering charity. They are saving $200,000 to buy their first piece of land in Nepal, and we are aiming to raise $5000 on the course of this trek.

To donate, visit our shop: . Here you can chose to donate. The highest bidder for each trainer will get to train them on Friday 24th April, 12pm. The hiking group member to raise the most money will get to train all four fo us! We will also have handmade scarves and other crafts to sell at the studio.

Onya team!

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