Ensure Your Deep Core & Pelvic Floor Health

I had a scare last week, where I thought I had suffered a prolapse.

At 10-months post natal, I thought I was strong enough to join a gym (yes, a different one from my own!) and participate in Run Club. However, what I hadn’t bargained for was the fact I was 4-months behind, having been struck down with mastitis for the first 4-months of Maia’s life. It wasn’t until my first session with an exercise physiologist (who prescribed a 60kg deadlift in my very first session, for 2 sets of 10. Education is obviously not enough to ensure intelligence!) that I realised that I wasn’t entirely back together again. Needless to say, I cancelled my membership immediately. It took two weeks for my vulnerable back to recover. I continued Run Club, once I thought I was recovered, blissfully unaware of the damage that was jiggling around inside me. Last Monday I was walking the dogs when I felt what I thought was a prolapse. Luckily, I had the contacts and tools to make immediate amendments to my training, and I was booked in to the first available session with a Women’s Health physio.

If, at any point in this program, you can’t coordinate the pelvic floor lift with your breath out, then stop what you’re doing and start over. Alternatively, you can contact the gym for advice or a referral: you@into-you.com.au

The consequences of ignoring this issue are life-changing, and not in a good way! There is a growing number of physios, chiros, pilates instructors, PT’s, and other exercise professionals that will take your body seriously, and IntoYou will happily refer you to someone in our network close to you. Good luck in your journey!

Evie and Clare in their Team T's

Evie and Clare in their Team T’s

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