Day 6 Hiking

Annapurna Base Camp to Dovan

It was a restless night for many of us, as we were petrified of altitude sickness. One of the symptoms is insomnia, and every time we woke up we fretted “are we sick”? We had seen a girl removed last night, which may have fueled our imaginations.

We were woken  at 530am by Binod tapping on our doors. He was super excited to show us the mountains because the sky had cleared. We stumbled out (pretty much fully clothed because we slept in everything we had), had witnessed breathtaking panoramic views of Annapurna 1 & The Fish Tail Mountain (among others that I can’t remember).

Since we were up, we had breakfast early, then spent an hour at the camp packing and exploring and taking team photos.

Dave injured himself the squat toilet this morning, and had to limp all day in excruciating pain. In true Dave form he plodded the course with no complaints.

There was a lot of down stairs today, which was tough on people’s knees. Di, in particular has been dealing with knee pain for many years. A trip like this would have been impossible for her a few years ago, but today, with the help of a couple of panadol, she managed to cope. The hiking sticks have been a great tool for our hikers that have knee pain, as they can lean on them.

Our customary thunderstorm rolled in after lunch, and all loyalty went out the window as we made our separate ways as quickly as possible to Dovan. Jodi and Clare got caught in some hail, but it didn’t last luckily! Jodi is going to give her dad a huge hug when she gets home, it was he who insisted that she take his wet weather gear, and she is very grateful for it now.

Our guides were great looking after our slower team members, making it possible for the rest of us to get ourselves to dry land as soon as possible. The guides and porters have been exceptional, never leaving the sides of anyone who is sore, tired, or slow. They have waited on us, carried some of our day packs, and languished in the rain to make sure we are all ok. I cannot recommend this company highly enough if any of you want to come to Nepal:

Everyone has a crush on Binod. Even Dave has a man-crush. Mags says that it is because he is so gentle, sweet, spiritual, helpful, and caring. Jen says he is devastatingly handsome, and Karyn is transfixed by his expressive hands and soothing voice.

All jokes aside, he is excellent at his job and our trip has been great.

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