Day 5 Hiking

This morning we emerged from a crisp night, where we slept in all our clothing, and began with a yoga session, led by our very own Jen. Binod joined in and it warmed everyone up!

Our hike started by following a river upstream, and crossing numerous footbridge’s. To Kass’s credit, she has overcome her fear of these crossings and completed them unassisted.

It was an undulating course that went generally uphill, and that we took slow because of the altitude. Everyone seemed to handle it okay, and we stumbled into Macchupacchre Base Camp pretty happy with ourselves. Mags was not long behind us, as we took it really slow because of the altitude.

Karyn shared her biscuits with our porters (they had to run to beat us there). They work really hard and have to wait until after we have eaten before they get fed. They like us because we share our food to tide them over. They also get endless entertainment from me practicing my Nepalese phrases (today I learned “what’s up” gitar “good morning” Siva bravat, “good evening” siva ratri, and “I’m good”.

Directly after lunch we got to hike up a glacier, and the scenery changed again. This time we see rocky, snow capped mountains, and little rivulets cutting the ground and ice. Dave walked up the glacier in his footie shorts.

We weren’t far from Annapurna Base Camp when we saw that our porters had dumped our bags and were half way up a mountain hunting around under rocks and grass. They looked pretty funny, and Binod explained that they were looking for a herb that has viagra-like properties, that they sell to the Chinese for $100,000RN (about $100) a kilo. Jodi got a shock, at first, when she thought they were all squatting for another reason!

We’ve climbed 900m today, and can see the tips of many Himalayan mountains. The scenery is like a postcard.

We are sitting at dinner now, and as per our tradition we have ordered too much food and shared it with our guides and porters. We are ready for a freezing night, before hiking back down the way we came up.

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