Day 4 Hiking

Dovan to Deurali
We had a cold and damp night in Dovan, but this time when we woke to blue skies and sensational views, they lasted most of the day.

We caught Binod performing his daily yoga routine, and Jade, Jen, and I joined in under the shadow of the Fish Tail Mountain. Even Mags joined in from her berth on the verandah.

This mornings trails were very lush. There were lady bugs everywhere, and Mags got a little emotional because they represent a memory of her mother. She had good support with Kass, Dave, and Binod, and picked herself up and carried on. It was a short 2hr hike to our tea break, and we took longer for tea than usual because we only had another 2 hours to go.

We took our shoes of and basked in the sun, watching monkeys in some nearby trees. Jen produced her customary essential oils for us to breathe and revive.

The second half of today was drier, rocky, and barren. We were surrounded by waterfalls and had to make several river crossings. It was starting to get cold, so I enlisted Karyn to help me and we made a break for Deurali.  I left her with the bags and then went back down the hill to grab Kass’s bag. They were about 30 minutes behind us.

After collecting Kass’s bag we continued up the rocky and uneven trail, meeting Jade on the Deurali side of a particularly dodgy bamboo footbridge. Jade took Dave’s bag and we made the final stairs. Dave told me that he was becoming more confident on the footbridge’s and overcoming his fear of crossing them.

We were pretty elated, until Sarus, another assistant guide informed us that our lodge was on the high end of the village, and we had about 400m up another set of stairs to reach it! We joked that Binod was fired but we did it!

We are spending the afternoon wrapped in every item of clothing that we have with us, surrounded by snow capped mountains.

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