Day 2 hiking

We woke up to the news that Di had contracted gastro in the night. She had been up at 11pm, 1 am,  and 3am. We filled her with stoppers and antibiotics, and she managed to get on the trails with us. We now call her “squirt” for short.

Mary has an aussie nickname, Mez, and has been completely absorbed by our group.

We started the day with a quick jaunt through the old town of Ghandruk. We saw whole families that had been living this way for centuries.

The day was up one hill, down another, up an even bigger hill, then flat for a bit with a few more stairs at the end.

We went over two swinging bridges and somewhere between them we created a hiking song. To the tune of “My Highland Goat”:

“My hiking group,
Was feeling fine,
We hiked up stairs,
All of the time,

We went to Nepal,
Got the shock of our life,
My hiking group,
Was in some strife,

We sucked it up,
And passed the test,
My hiking group,
They are the best!”

We are quite proud of it…

During the day, poor old Dave got what Di has. He had to walk for hours up hill fighting nausea. He has been named “Trots” for the time being.

Kass is going great with her knees, and Mags is learning how to pace herself, which ironically makes her faster! We call her “Grandma” because that’s how fast she needs to go, slow enough to facebook and walk at the same time.

We were at the top of the second mountain when the thunder clouds rolled in. We were still in shorts and t shirt s, and just popped on rain coats over the top. Our porters put little blue tarps over their loads, and then we were back on our way.

Exactly as we took off again, the temperature dropped about 10 degrees and it got dark. The it started hailing. We had about an hour to walk in snow,  wind, thunder, lightening, and shorts and t shirt s.

The view at our lodge tonight made it worthwhile. The sky cleared briefly and we had views of snow capped mountains, and lines of mountain ranges.

We are now settled in (and rugged up), anticipating a stormy night. The good news is that it is likely to be a clear day tomorrow, and we are super excited to see the ranges.

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