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12 Week Power Hike Program

Weight Session for Hiking team 2014 The program is designed for Leg POWER. It assumes you will come and train at Intoyou, however we can modify it for other gym’s or training situations. Try to preform the exercise in the order they are written. Warm up in the regular way on vibration, or with 5 […]

First Hike of our 12 Week Hiking Group

Our first hike on Saturday, 1pm, and everyone looked the part! Some very serious hikers for a casual jaunt around Manly Dam! We hit the 1.5km Nature Trail first, and admired the view from the top, then headed back to where we started to hike the first section of the main trail. Patty and Debs […]

True Core Training

Today’s workout is fitted to match our definition of True Core Training. Basically, our definition of “core” is when your body can sense where it is in space, even if it is not anchored (like with your feet on the floor). By suspending both ends of your body, your abs have to work unconsciously to […]

Single Trail Adventure

For our Mountain Bike ride this week we met at St Ives Showground again. St Ives has a plethora of options for a rider, including fire trail, single trail, and a BMX track. It has the fitness components that we train on the Perimentre trail, Terry Hills, and the technical aspect that Manly Dam offers. […]

The 180 degree Power Plate Flye

Every piece of exercise equipment we have in IntoYou has a million applications! See the video of the 180 degree Power Plate Flye, to see why we LOVE the Power Plate. This exercise gets every angle of the back of the shoulder, as well as being tough on the postural muscles of the back.  

Mountain Biking in the Rain

This morning marks past-half-way in our training journey towards mountain biking New Zealand. It is usually where motivation flags, and participation ebbs. When we awoke, it was raining. Chris and my phone were peppered with text messages double-checking that we were still riding, and we decided that we would go, then make the call once […]

Training with a Buddy

Some creative ideas for training with your buddy!! Get sweaty and hands on with your friends, laugh a bucket, and work out at the same time! These exercises are all fun and games, literally. Make sure the space is safe so that no-one hurts themselves, then go nuts!