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Introducing Make One Change

We started Make One Change in July 2018, after Clare’s cancer experience, and some other issues that our other trainers experienced (you’ll have to ask them!). The premise is that we can do better. Let’s take our blinkers off, and start working as a group, with our dollars, towards positive change for humanity, our families, […]

Why Everybody Should Go Shopping with a Stylist

Saturdays’s shopping trip was the best fun!! We had 4 ladies; two wanted tops, one wanted anything “other than active wear”, and the other wanted to start again from scratch…. 60 minutes to do all this! All of the above were achieved.  They had learnt the basics from the ‘Styling You’ session and put all […]

Run Club Update

Run Club is well and truly underway with 6 sessions under belt and another 6 to go! Maddy is away on a well deserved break, and we have all taken the opportunity to ignore the fact there was no homework scheduled this week (typo), and have done no homework exactly as directed! Kudos to the […]

Denim Tutorial: Business Mums Event

Last night we had our Denim Tutorial where we teamed up a group of our Business Mums with Charlie, our resident stylist. It was a cold, stormy, and rainy night, but we were still had a full house! Charlie opened up the night with a short description of what we need to look for (generally) […]

Do You Train Mums?

I have a strength and conditioning background, and as such have always approached training from a goal-oriented perspective; that is, what does this body in front of me need to do? Once i know what they need to do, i look at what is stopping, slowing, or inhibiting them from performing this job, and prescribe […]

FOUR Gym Trips in 2019!

We are so excited to announce we are doing 4 gym trips in 2019! Well, three of them will be run at the same time, but still! Quotes and details are still coming in, but we do have a few details like DATES! Yoga in Bali: 3rd – 12th May, includes 12 weeks of Yoga […]