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Make One Change November 2018: Use a Zinc Based Sunscreen

November’s challenge for 2018 was to use a Zinc Base sunscreen, preferably one that doesn’t contain nanoparticles. There’s some great articles, resources, brands, and other things to look out for when choosing sunscreen below! View this post on Instagram November's change: use a ZINC BASED sunscreen! This is important with summer approaching in Oz! Chemical […]

2018 Hiking Group Wrap Up

2018 was our first Hiking Group program that we did just for fun, that is, there was no terrifying overseas adventure at the end of it! We did two sessions a week, one on a Wednesday “hiking fitness”, and one on a Saturday where we actually went out and explored. The challenge this year was […]

Client of the Quarter: Sascha Durdevic

“Client of the Quarter” is a new concept that we are introducing in 2019, which is geared towards celebrating your achievements and using our stories to motivate you on your life’s journey. To kick it off, we thought we would shine the spotlight on Sascha! Sascha came to us rather by accident, when she was […]

Make One Change October 2018

October’s change was another packet-reading exercise! We are reducing added sugar in our diets with 2 steps: Check the ingredients on the package. You’re looking for sugar, or any of it’s 61 variations (listed below) If you spot any added sugar, head over to the nutrition label, and check that it makes up less that […]

November Balance Challenge by Charlie

This is what we were greeted with when we convened in the gym to learn about November’s Balance Challenge by Charlie! Eye mask on, giggle aplenty, exactly what we expect from this trainer! Your challenge, should you chose to accept it, is to simply balance, while continuing to pass the 1kg Medicine Ball from shoulder […]

Shake Off the Food Fatigue

It’s getting late in the year, and you’ve literally made around 200 lunchboxes and 300 dinners, with as much food variety as you can muster… it’s fair to say you’re feeling food fatigue! How do we keep up with he fresh, wholesome, home made foods without running ourselves ragged? After all, we’ve also got to […]

The Best Exercise for Mums

I read a fantastic article today by our very own Ali Frendin, about what is the best exercise for mums. Read the full article here. The gist of it was that although many mums are being “sold” high intensity training as the “solution” to their fat and fitness goals, it may actually be detrimental to […]