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Shake Off the Food Fatigue

It’s getting late in the year, and you’ve literally made around 200 lunchboxes and 300 dinners, with as much food variety as you can muster… it’s fair to say you’re feeling food fatigue! How do we keep up with he fresh, wholesome, home made foods without running ourselves ragged? After all, we’ve also got to […]

The Best Exercise for Mums

I read a fantastic article today by our very own Ali Frendin, about what is the best exercise for mums. Read the full article here. The gist of it was that although many mums are being “sold” high intensity training as the “solution” to their fat and fitness goals, it may actually be detrimental to […]

Make One Change September 2018

September’s change was to buy biodegradable bin liners. Since many supermarkets are choosing to ban single-use plastic bags, it seemed like a good opportunity to reduce household plastic generally! It took some hunting, but there are some great, viable, alternatives out there! Make sure you read the packet so that you understand if something is […]

October Challenge: LET’S GET INVERTED!

Let’s GET inverted!! Now this is a NICE challenge (said no one, ever, and we are probably lying to you now). This month we are going to get INVERTED! Inspired a little by Upside-Down-Ali, and motivated a little by Clare wanting to swell our social media, here is your task… 1 minute Everyday Inverted (or […]

A Method of Thinking About Exercise

I thought i was teaching exercise for pre and post natal women, but i realised over the weekend that i am actually teaching a way of thinking about exercise! Let me explain… I was in Adelaide over the weekend, at a very successful training studio chain called Life Personal Trainers. They have 3 studios in […]

Make One Change August 2018

August’s Change was to take the one thing that you eat the most off the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen list, and buy it organically from now on. We went on to learn why, gathered further resources, and finished the month with the Clean Fifteen list and some recipes to eat more from this list! […]

45min Session Trial for 2018

Stop Press! We never thought we could shake Clare from her conviction that a 30min session  is plenty long for personal training, and for a few good reasons: Any longer than 20-25min doing high intensity exercise can increase your stress hormones and sabotage your weight loss efforts Because 30min is plenty to achieve the same […]