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Martin is almost unrecognisable!!!

In Martin’s words… “…I’ve been training at Into You Fitness since Clare first started the gym back in 2012. Over the course of my time training there I’ve had the opportunity to train with Clare, Madelaine, Charlie and from 2014 I began training regularly with Jade.     When Jade became my main personal trainer I […]

Kara Has Overcome a lot to Achieve This!

Kara started training at IntoYou almost 2 years ago after seeing one of our associate physios for back pain. THANK GOODNESS she went to a pelvic & women’s health physio, who very quickly identified what was causing her back pain and referred her to us! If you have chronic, niggly back pain and you’re on […]

Let’s Talk About Opportunity…

I was talking with our other trainers the other day about changing our mission statement (again). At the moment we “aspire to motivate you through your health journey, by sharing our knowledge, making it fun, celebrating your achievements and working towards balance and happiness…” Pretty good if i do say so myself, but not complete… […]

2019 Gym Trip Options

Our decision will be made on the 30th May! 2019 Gym Trip Options and ROUGH Itineraries below. Please only vote if you’re serious about coming, even though you’re not committing yet! Our gym trips are all about OPPORTUNITY! We want to create these chances for you to experience new things, stretch yourself emotionally, and personally […]

May Photo Challenge

You have one more week to complete Ali’s April Challenge, which is a fitness test against yourself! The biggest difference between Early April and now wins! We have something a little different for you for your May Photo Challenge, and in honour of that we have put up a massive 5 ONE on ONE PT […]

A Word on Confidence

Our mission at IntoYou is to “motivate you in your health journey by sharing our knowledge, making it fun, celebrating your achievements, and working towards balance and happiness“. The key thing to achieving this is confidence. Confidence to try new things, rather than “i couldn’t do that”, “i’ll give is a go” Confidence to move […]

Gaye’s Report 8-Weeks in

Gaye has been training with us for only 8 weeks, and we asked her recently how she was feeling about her training. This is what she has to say: …”Eight weeks at Into You has changed my life..for the better. I was stuck in a rut, feeling flabby and unfit….then I met Jade. Every session […]

Easter Saturday Egg Burner

If you want some inspiration for your Easter Weekend Workout, then look no further! This is an EASY workout to follow, in 3 simple steps: Find Easter Eggs Burn off Easter Eggs Have a Happy Easter! Each small, solid chocolate Easter Egg contains 15 calories. To burn them off, simply refer to your fitbit or […]