Another Review of our Program from Aushealth Physio

Jenni Davies from Aushealth Physio is a passionate women’s health advocate, and gave up her precious time only recently to come into the gym and perform an ultrasound on whoever needed it for free. Jenni has suffered from pelvic floor dysfunction, and is in a unique position of being able to empathise and treat the condition at the same time.

Recently we have been working with her on a couple of clients, and she has reassessed just one for now. This is what she found:

“I saw JC again today – she has made massive progress even though she has barely done her isolated work – hoorahh for you and the programme up there.  

Testing in supine is now completely normal, but still a bit weaker and non-automatic PF function in standing.  She responded really well to a cue of: 

“in/up (for pelvic floor), lower abs and think tall” to get great PF maintenance through range of a 90 degree squat when tested with the neurotrac (biofeedback). A few more weeks and she should be fully automatic in standing too.”

We are really pleased to get this kind of feedback, because our women often don’t get reassessed after they start feeling better! It is quite rewarding to have a positive impact on their lives whilst still providing top notch training sessions!

JC trains with Jade every week, and comes in rain, hail, or shine, despite ongoing sleep disturbances. She is stoic and determined, as well as exhausted, and we admire her tenacity and are chuffed that she chose us. Well done team!

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