5 Simple Ways to Train Your Post Natal Body Safely & Effectively

So you’ve had your baby and you’re ready for exercise. Congratulations!

The first step in any post-natal training program is to seek an assessment from a Women’s Health Physio; one that can literally get inside and check that everything is working properly.

Once you have the all-clear, where do you start? The fact is, many exercise regimes can cause more harm than good for the post-natal woman. The unique physical challenges undergone by a women through pregnancy and childbirth require a different approach to program design. And if you’re house-bound [exhausted], you’re doing it without any design at all! So what exercises are safe, effective, and possible to do at home, in the weeks after having a baby (wait until after your 6wk check at the doctor, and/or your physio assessment).

Here are 5 of our favorites:

All of these exercises will develop the foundations of your true core, in preparation for the future; whether you engage in a formal training program, want to start running, or simply being a mum of a growing child. Promise me that you will not do crunches until your inner-abs are well and truly strong and synchronised!!

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